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realty appraisal company



A program to appraise all real property within a municipality to establish fair market value, including the measuring and inspecting of all properties.


A program to appraise all or a substantial portion of a municipality to establish fair market value without inspecting and measuring the properties, using existing data.

Data Base Maintenance

Appraising new construction, new land parcels and recent changes to existing buildings.

Tax Appeal Assistance

Assisting municipalities in defense of tax appeals, either at the county board of taxation or Tax Court of New Jersey.

Public Relations

Realty Appraisal Company employs a comprehensive public relations program aimed at educating the public as to the revaluation process. Utilizing a series of direct mail contacts with property owners as well as public announcements in local newspapers and websites, the education program keeps the public well informed during each stage of the revaluation process.

The goal of the education program is threefold. First, it is meant to reduce public anxiety by dispelling myths and misconceptions regarding the revaluation process and its impact on property taxes. Second, it is designed to anticipate the public's questions and concerns so as to reduce the strain on local tax assessor's offices caused by large numbers of inquiries. Third, it is presented in a manner that removes any onus for the revaluation program from the local governing body.

In coordination with local officials, Realty Appraisal Company can become the public face of the revaluation program by meeting with the public, mailing educational brochures/flyers and addressing any questions or concerns. Experience shows that a revaluation program is most successful when the public is regularly updated and informed during the entire process.

Realty Appraisal Company's goal is to execute a revaluation program that is fair, accurate and most importantly, accepted by the public.



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